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Ugly, isn't it?" Draco wasn't sure if she meant the mark itself or the word, 'Mudblood,' but he moved his hand and placed it over the wound, careful not to touch it lest it still be tender and sore. "It doesn't mean anything," he whispered against her ear. She didn't respond but reached with her free hand to tug at his other arm, pulling it forward so his Dark Mark was bared. She mimicked his actions, veiling it with her palm and tickling her fingers against his wrist with soothing strokes. "And yours doesn't mean anything either."

Not so very long ago he wouldn’t even have been able to tell the colour of her eyes. But now he knew. Her eyes were brown. A rich, golden brown when she was happy. A dark, almost black brown when she was angry. They were never golden when she looked at him…

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shaving ur v is really hard i don’t think us people with vaginas get enough credit for that

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A promo for anyone who can guess one of my top 10 characters!

“When is a monster not a monster?
Oh, when you love it.”

Caitlyn Siehl (via insanity-here-i-come)

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“Let love win.” (via riseabovedefeat)

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"And my name’s Malfoy, Draco Malfoy."

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msdanconia asked: SLYTHERIN or HUFFLPUFF
Or perhaps in Slytherin. You’ll make your real friends, those cunning folk use any means to achieve their ends.” 
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Hogwarts: first and last time

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“We live in a country where politicians call rape a “gift from God” and suggest that women regularly lie about being raped. Where a group of young men in high school think so little of sexual assault that they thought it was fine—hilarious, even—to post pictures online of a passed out rape victim, and to live-tweet the rape, joking about the victim being urinated on. We live in a country where media as revered as The New York Times finds it necessary to describe an 11-year-old gang rape victim as “wearing makeup and fashions more appropriate to a woman in her 20s.” Where a woman can be fired because her boss finds her “irresistable” and a woman’s rape case falls flat because she isn’t married. It’s time to acknowledge that the rape epidemic in the United States is not just about the crimes themselves, but our own cultural and political willful ignorance. Rape is as American as apple pie—until we own that, nothing will change”

 America’s Rape Problem: We Refuse to Admit That There Is One | The Nation (via veruca-assault)

"I killed Sirius Black! I killed Sirius Black!"

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